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Submitting Supporting Documents

Supporting documentation is needed to appropriately demonstrate that you are set up and operating as a business. In an audit, the first thing an auditor asks for is evidence of the IC’s, Consultant’s or Supplier’s independent status. We keep all supporting documentation in strictest confidence and release it only for audit defense.

Once you have been classified as an IC, Consultant or Supplier, you will need to send:

Evidence of Tax Filings – such as:

a. A letter from their CPA advising that the appropriate statutory taxes have been filed.
b. Copy of first page of: Schedule C and 1040 (dollar amounts can be blacked out).

And at least three (3) out of these six (6) documents to TalentWave.

  1. Business License
  2. Evidence of Advertising – such as:

    a. Yellow page ad
    b. Web site URL

    c. Listing in a directory
    d. Brochure
    e. Business card

  3. Articles of Incorporation
  4. Fictitious Name Statement
  5. Proof of Liability Insurance
  6. Evidence of Concurrent Customers - such as:

    a. Invoices (dollar amounts can be blacked out)
    b. POs (dollar amounts can be blacked out)
    c. Check stubs (dollar amounts can be blacked out)

Please fax all supporting documents to TalentWave at 650-378-4159.

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